The Nachicapau project is located in the Labrador Trough about 150 kilometers south of Kuujjuaq, Quebec


  • The project contains 49 claims covering an area of about 24.5 square kilometers.


  • Project strong Zn-Cu potential located in the Labrador Trough, an area known for its strong potential for “pelitic-mafic” (“Besshi-type”) massive sulfide mineralisation, that are known to be large tonnage deposits.
  • Several meter-sized, Zn-rich massive sulfide boulders (up to 17.5% Zn); the source of the boulders has never been found. Host rock: black shales.
  • Metal values of the boulders: 17.5% Zn, 13.8% Zn, 12.9% Zn, 11.1% Zn, 7.25% Zn, 5.67% Zn, 3.59% Zn, 2.76% Zn et 1.52% Zn, 4.9% Cu. Values confirmed in 2017 with Zn grades of 13.25%, 6.44%, 5.22%, 1.095% Zn.
  • Local geology composed of mafic volcanics, synvolcanic gabbro sills and various sedimentary rocks (dolomites and black shales). This geological environment is favorable for the discovery of “pelitic-mafic” massive sulfides.
  • Several electromagnetic anomalies combined with magnetic highs are located up-ice from the boulders and have never been explained.


  • 100% Midland
  • Available for an option agreement
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