• The Moria project is located about 60 kilometers north-east of the Nemaska community, Eeyou Istchee, James-Bay.


  • The Moria project (Ni-Cu-Co) consists of 104 claims, covering a surface area of 58 kilometers square.


  • Discovery of a series of intrusions of iron-bearing metapyroxenites mineralized with Ni-Cu-Co.
  • Up to 1.07 % Ni, 0.24 % Cu, 0.09 % Co in grab samples, and 0.8 % Ni / 0.8 m in channel (Gimli showing); 0.78% Ni in grab samples 0.68 % Ni / 0.5 m in channel (Gloin showing).
  • Nickel recalculated to 100% very high sulphides, between 10% and 15% Ni, and up to 2% Cu.
  • At least 3 dykes of meta-pyroxenites, least 100m wide each, and several kilometers long, identified by geophysics and mapping.
  • Unexplained EM (electromagnetic) anomalies along these dykes, which could be semi-massive to massive Ni sulphides.
  • Strong widespread ankerite-calcite alterations in pyroxenite suggest additional gold orogenic potential in the area.
  • Little explored sector in the past, mapped as a great dioritic intrusion.


  • 100% Midland
  • Available for an option agreement
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