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  • The Eleonore Centre project is located about 30 kilometers southwest of the Eleonore gold mine and 15 kilometers of the Eleonore road.


  • The Eleonore Centre project contains 164 claims for 138 square kilometers.


  • Polymictic conglomerates, wackes (Low Formation) and mafic volcanics belt that are stratigraphically equivalent to the Eleonore mine sequence.
  • Several major shear zones recognized to be gold-bearing; none ever drilled.
  • Several Gold showings, at sheared volcanics/conglomerates contacts (up to 18,8 g/t Au – grab Golden Gun) à typical of major orogenic gold districts.
  • Two mineralization types: classic Qtz-Tml veins (Au-W association), polymetallic sulfides with Ag-Au±As±Cu±Co±Zn, both mostly at volcanics/conglomerates contacts.
  • The volcanics/conglomerates contacts were never tested by drill holes; present over 20 km long on the project – No drill hole ever for gold on the project.
  • Many IP anomalies remain untested, and IP coverage still partial, with much of the favorable structures and contacts not covered.


  • 100% Midland
  • Available for an option agreement
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